Support the medical care of ukrainian refugees

MedSpot has been one of the first responders to the humanitarian crisis unfolding as a result of the war in Ukraine. In early March 2022, a few days after Russian troops invaded Ukraine, MedSpot deployed to the Ukrainian-Hungarian border with two fully equipped mobile clinics and a team of doctors and medical staff. Since then, we have been providing continuous medical care 24 hours a day to refugees crossing the border, many of whom arrive in dire physical and mental condition. We are currently seeking support to keep our mobile medical stations near the border running and to help us expand the scope of the assistance we provide. Your contributions would help us:
  • replenish our medicine stocks, replace equipment and cover running costs
  • set up a permanent medical aid center in the capital, Budapest, where large numbers of Ukrainian refugees also arrive
  • acquire and maintain an ambulance to transport patients between the sites and provide immediate assistance
Every penny raised will contribute to ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of refugees fleeing war. Please support our team so that we can help those who have temporarily lost everything. Click the link below to visit our fundraising page: Please feel free to contact us with any questions or other donations: MedSpot Foundation aims to provide easily accessible, free, professional and comprehensive medical and psychological assistance in humanitarian crisis situations to those who otherwise would not have access to any. Our foundation was established during the 2015 refugee crisis in Europe by doctors, healthcare professionals and their helpers in order to effectively help those in need.