MedSpot Foundation beginning refugees' medical care in Budapest

From today, free medical and psychological care for refugees from Ukraine is also available in Budapest at the MedSpot Foundation’s care points in Zugló and Buda.

The Medical Help on the Spot (MedSpot) Foundation has been continuously present in Beregsurány, on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, since the first week of the war in Ukraine, where our doctors and psychiatrists, nurses and psychologists provide free and professional medical care to refugees fleeing the war.

We are asking all doctors, psychologists and nurses who have free capacity to volunteer to help us in order to ensure the continuity of care.

For those who do not have a medical degree but would still like to help, please consider our financial support. We welcome your honorary donations on the official Go Get Funding fundraising page, where you can easily send your support to the MedSpot Foundation with just a few clicks.

To apply as a healthcare professional, email us:

Apply for healthcare appointments (as a Ukrainian refugees) on our Facebook page by clicking on the „Book Now” button through the link above.

To donate, click here.!