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MedSpot mission in Transcarpathia – Ukraine_Go Get Founding

For almost half a year, we have provided 24-hour medical care to refugees crossing the border, many of whom arrive in serious physical and mental condition.

But since almost a year ago, last autumn, we have been providing basic health assistance to internally displaced persons who have fled from war zones to the backcountry, to Transcarpathia, and who are currently living there in an exceptionally difficult situation, without care. This assistance is made difficult by the fact that laboratory capacities for accurate diagnosis are not available locally. In a previous domestic project, we experienced that transporting blood samples over significant distances takes a long time, increases costs and often renders the samples unusable. This situation is particularly delicate when the accurate diagnosis of sick children is at stake.

In order to overcome the difficulties described above, we have set ourselves the goal of purchasing a mobile laboratory and the single use cartridges for testing. These devices will enable our doctors to diagnose a much wider range of diseases immediately and accurately than ever before. At the same time, the mobile laboratory will also serve the long-term goals of our foundation, thus allowing us to provide rapid and effective medical assistance in crisis situations and in areas where access to the healthcare system is limited.

The mobile laboratory is also of outstanding importance in relation to our missions, as it allows us to diagnose chronic diseases, as well as acute illnesses in children in time.

An important requirement for mobile laboratory equipment is that it should help diagnose most disease groups in the simplest possible way. Currently, the use of a mobile laboratory can be provided by a combination of two devices. One is able to perform the necessary tests: electrolytes, cardiac markers, blood coagulation, haematological parameters and certain endocrinological tests can also be performed.

The other device, an automated laboratory, enables the determination of CRP levels suitable for monitoring inflammatory diseases, average blood glucose (HbA1c measurement) and blood lipids.

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