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There are significant professional shortcomings in the provision of healthcare for children with special educational needs, but there is also a growing need. Their needs are sometimes very different from those of their peers of the same age who do not have such special needs. At present, the Hungarian healthcare system does not seem to be prepared to meet these challenges.


Recognizing this shortcoming and the conditions needed to remedy it, the MedSpot Foundation, in collaboration with the International Children's Foundation (Nemzetközi Cseperedő Alapítvány), aims to create the methodological basis for modern care.


The pediatric team consists of pediatric and adolescent psychotherapists, infant and pediatric physicians, pediatric gastroenterologists, pediatric anastesiologists, pediatric radiologists and, last but not least, pediatric psychologists who believe in a psychosomatic approach to the care of their patients and therefore work together to provide a complex healthcare. This select team of professionals is ready to deal with the most varied and challenging situations. The diagnostic and therapeutic work is backed up by the appropriate facilities of the pediatric and psychotherapeutic specialized clinic.