If you live, work and pay personal income tax in Hungary!

One of our most main priorities is to provide full – medical and psychotherapeutic – support to children, teenagers and their families who, for some reason, have been excluded from the community care system or could only have access to its services with great difficulty.

We believe that only by helping in time can we ensure that the next generation of young people can become physically and mentally healthy, balanced adults.

Donate 1% of your personal income tax to support the work of our pediatric specialists, child and adolescent psychiatrists, family therapists and all our support professionals, to ensure that more children and families nationwide receive the help they deserve but so few have access to.

Help us to build a solid future for our children based on their physical and mental well-being! Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Our tax number is 18903379-1-42

Download the 1 % declaration form

Or declare your donation of 1% of your personal income tax in your electronic tax return!