How do you see the overall situation of the refugee programme now?

– In general, the situation has calmed down a bit due to the nature of these crises, with on average far fewer refugees arriving daily than in March-April, for example. That said, a change in the course of the war can suddenly increase the number of refugees arriving, for example in May, when the hitherto quiet Carpathian region was hit by a rocket barrage, or the latest sad development, when the Ukrainian capital was again targeted. 

How, if at all, can MedSpot adapt to this situation?

– Our foundation is called Medical Aid on the Spot, good thing we are adapting! While – of course – we continue to maintain our medical care point in Beregsurány, near the border, and provide medical care for the Migration Aid refugee centre in Budapest, we are also trying to be more adaptive on several “fronts”.

Can you say a few words about these?

– I don’t dare to shout about it too much yet, but it looks very much like we will be able to get an ambulance car in the very near future thanks to a very generous financial support, so that our mobility of medical assistance will increase significantly. We are already partly working on a programme to use the Beregsurany aid centre as a base to help in the surrounding villages, and we can also help the already poor state of the Ukrainian health system by carrying out occasional medical care in Ukraine.

Is this not a risky venture?

– Of course, we would never risk the personal safety of our staff, so during the preparatory planning we have to be particularly careful to ensure that we can both provide effective assistance on the ground and not go so close to the war zone that it exposes our colleagues and our assets to the fighting in any way.

– How is the planning going?

– As I mentioned, the purchase of the ambulance is well underway, while the Foundation staff are already hard at work on the strategy. Once this is done, we will present the programme to the Board of Trustees and if they agree, it will be a question of will and determination. It’s also a question of whether the generous support we have received so far will continue and whether we can attract new supporters to our work.