Animated film on our honepage

A team of psychologists of MedSpot Foundation (Medical help on the Spot) created an animated short film which sees war, anxiety and hope through the eyes of a child. „Nadija” lets us have a glimpse into the road of a young refugee girl fleeing from insecurity to safety, from exclusion to acceptance, from hoplessness to hope and recovery. It makes us not accept helplessness, no matter if we are victims or witnesses of war. It shows us that compassion and solidarity help even in such an extremely difficult situation. The aim of the film is the sensitization of people far from the war to the fate of refugee children and adults from war stricken areas. The film can broaden the set of tools school psychologists and teachers use and is able to support integration, and can start conversation in the families, if watched at home.

The MedSpot Foundation, the two psychologists who run the program and Márton Bethlenfalvy, an animator who graduated from MOME, were involved in the making of the film.

We would also like to thank our psychologist colleagues Alexander Yanykin and Olga Grychak for their advice on the making of the film.

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