Medical and psychological support at the Ukrainian school named Learning Without Borders

In August 2022, before the opening of the school, Migration Aid and the MedSpot Foundation reached an agreement under which the foundation supports the operation of the school in both medical and psychological fields.


Our psychologists provide support and advisory work to the school's Ukrainian-speaking teachers, students, volunteers and to the students' families.


The school has 5 psychodrama groups operating on a weekly basis, led by two native-speaking professionals.
For volunteers, we provide continuous support, supervision and if needed, individual therapy sessions.
The professional coordinators of the program are Anna Gődény and Erika Kovács, clinical psychologists.
Ukrainian-speaking psychologists are Alexander Yanykin and Olga Grychak.


Sensitizing animated film


The program gives us the opportunity to develop a sensitizing animated film about trauma.
The film, which will soon be available here as well, will be used in a school environment to engage children in a teacher-led discussion about the background and situation of their new classmates who fled from Ukraine. Starting a conversation about the war and the traumas they have experienced will help to develop the empathic skills and understanding of the receiving community and to facilitate the adjustment and eventual integration of the Ukrainian children.
The MedSpot Foundation, the two psychologists who run the program and Márton Bethlenfalvy, an animator who graduated from MOME, were involved in the making of the film.


The program is supported by: