Helping the most vulnerable - children during and after the pandemic

The Covid-19 epidemic, many uncertainties and unpredictable changes that come with it have been a major challenge for families. Even as adults, it is difficult to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances, but this puts even greater burden on children, who have less information and understanding and therefore they are in a much more vulnerable position.

The epidemic situation has a major impact on children's psychological development, as their personalities are still in an evolving phase, making environmental factors even more important for their mental health.

Research has shown that there has been a recent increase in anxiety and depressive symptoms in children, especially adolescents, and a high incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder.

All this is accompanied by sleep disturbances, lack of motivation, isolation, and difficulties with emotion regulation.


In our country, low-income, single-parent families and families with a history of mental disorder already appeared before the pandemic have suffered the most.


Our campaign, launched in the framework of the New Day - New Hopes community fundraising campaign, aims to provide children and their families with professional psychotherapy and medical help who have experienced increased psychological difficulties or faced worsened psychological problems as a result of the epidemic or the reopening.


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