Health care for Ukrainian refugees in Beregsurány and Budapest

The MedSpot Foundation, which provides crisis care, among other services, has been present in Beregsurány on the Hungarian-Ukrainian border since the first week of the war in Ukraine and since April on Madrid Road in Budapest, where it has been providing continuous care for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Hungary. Our volunteer doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and patient care nurses treat an average of 10-12 patients a day, many of them with chronic or acute illnesses, wounds, others with mental trauma.


In the meantime, our team is also working hard to provide refugees with medical supplies and, as far as we can, deliver medicines, bandages and other hospital equipment to Ukraine, where healthcare is facing unprecedented difficulties every day.


We are always looking for applications from doctors, psychologists and nurses to our care points, you can apply by sending an email to


If you would like to make a monetary donation to support our efforts, you can do so on our GoGetFunding page.

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MedSpot Foundation

Bank account number: 16200010-10068182

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Apply by phone: +36 20 613 56 46


The program is supported by Kárpátok Alapítvány (Carpathian Foundation)

and the AMDA International Medical Information Centre (Japan Medical Mission)