Health and mental health care for Ukrainian internally displaced persons

Our current projects include medical and mental health care for people affected by the war conflict in Ukraine in several locations: since the first week of the war, our Foundation has been present in Beregsurány, on the Hungarian-Ukrainian border, where it runs a health care centre, and since April it has been participating in the care of refugees who have arrived in Budapest.


We wanted to extend our activities beyond our borders, into Ukraine as well: thousands of internally displaced persons have been arriving in the settlements of Transcarpathia since the outbreak of the war (doubling the population of Uzhhorod/Ungvár, for example). Some of the new arrivals settle in for a longer period, even in their own property if they can, but many live in refugee shelters made out of sports halls or kindergartens. The care system has not been able to keep pace with the dynamic increase of the population and the arrival of the cold weather presents many new challenges for the people living there - many of them children, women and the elderly.


Thus, from October 2022, we will take part in the care of internally displaced persons arriving in Transcarpathia in several settlements. We carry out our mission with an ambulance purchased with the priority support of United Way Hungary in cooperation with our foreign partner organization, the СЕРЦЕ ДО СЕРЦЯ /Heart to Heart/ Foundation ( during our trips, our team of medical professionals, consisting of volunteer doctors, nurses and psychologists, with the coordination of our partner foundation visits refugee camps and shelters, where it provides medical and mental health care to the residents.


Our goal is to regularly help with donations of medicines, bandages, medical and pharmaceutical equipment, thermal underwear for our partner organization's activities and, through them, also for the people in need.


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