MedSpot Foundation launches a campaign to support healthcare workers mentally

With the campaign called "Faceless Heroes", the MedSpot Foundation aims to provide mental support to healthcare workers who have been on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic every day for more than a year now. For professionals, this past year has been extraordinarily stressful, they have been fighting for the lives of our loved ones suffering from Covid to this day- away from their own families. Their spiritual support is therefore of major importance at this time.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we all face extraordinary, hitherto unknown individual and societal challenges. Healthcare workers have a huge burden as they carry out their healing work on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic. They are our heroes, being faceless due to wearing protective gear, doctors and nurses who are not only physically but also mentally exhausted in treating and helping the seriously ill, breathing heavily, feverish and fallen people. We read the news of the pandemic regularly, while they witness the consequences of the pandemic and the unexpected events day by day. Understandably, they need support.


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