Our new curator: Ms Júlia Király, economist, holder of PhD degree in economic sciences, habilitated university professor, vice president of the National Bank of Hungary between 2007 and 2013

With the death Mr Miklós Szüts, the painter, our foundation lost one of its main spiritual supporters. We believed that we would like to invite such a personality to fill the vacant curator position who could carry on the legacy of Mr Miklós Szüts, the fact that he liked to think together with the team of MedSpot, that he loved us as we are, and that he considered our mission ...Read more

The painter, Mr Miklós Szüts, one of our founders and curators, has passed away

It has still no explanation for us, but a few days ago Mr Miklós Szüts, friend, father figure, one of the founders of our foundation passed away (‘Szüts does not die, it is not like him’). Many people know that he was a talented painter and a popular public person. Perhaps fewer know that he was also a smart, sharp-minded organiser, and as such, he was one of the ...Read more

Medical help, where it is needed

Now for the Ukrainian refugees. Click to play the video of actor Róbert Alföldi presenting our appeal.
Every forint raised from our fundraising campaign goes to preserve the physical and mental integrity of refugees fleeing a serious crisis.

Board of Trustees

Medical help on the spot!

Viktória Bella


Dr András Spányik

chairman of the board of trustees, head of the MedSpot Foundation's medical team

Dr Béla Cseke


Júlia Király


András Radnóti


Miklós Szüts

board member

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