“Many people are rather mentally exhausted” – Nelli Nepp (ENT specialist, allergist, clinical immunologist)

How did you arrive in Beregsurány? I know András Spányik, we were classmates at university, and that’s how I heard about Medspot and this project. I already knew about the Beregsurány helppoint in April, but I was still preparing for my allergology and clinical immunology exams. At the end of April I passed them, and that’s when I told András that I would love to come ...Read more

From Mediterranean rescue to Beregsurány: Interview with Dr Aniek Crombach

When and how did you decide to join MedSpot? I decided to join MedSpot in mid-May. Through Bernard Leenstra (Dutch doctor, MedSpot facilitator – ed.), I got in touch with a network of Dutch doctors helping Ukraine, who contacted MedSpot. You mentioned earlier that you have volunteered elsewhere. Can you tell us about that? I worked with Doctors Without Borders and Sea-Watch. I have worked in war-torn ...Read more

Medical help, where it is needed

Now for the Ukrainian refugees. Click to play the video of actor Róbert Alföldi presenting our appeal.
Every forint raised from our fundraising campaign goes to preserve the physical and mental integrity of refugees fleeing a serious crisis.

Board of Trustees

Medical help on the spot!

Viktória Bella

chairman of the board of trustees

László Bernáth

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Dr Béla Cseke

board member

Dr András Spányik

board member, founder, leader of the volunteer medical team

Miklós Szüts

board member

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